The Well Tempered Lab range of turntables are designed and built to get the maximum amount of music from your records. Their unique patent registered designs relentlessly yet with great calm pull the music from the groove. The music may get louder and more complex but WTLs decks just keep handling it without fuss.

Chief Engineer William Firebaugh has devoted his life to the matter, finding refreshingly simple ways of meeting and solving the challenges involved in improving record playback. He has confronted and conquered many of the myths involved along the way. An exceptional engineer, he also found time to work with Ford Aerospace on the Moon landings.

Simplex II

Now in it's second incarnation, the epitome of William Firebaugh's creative genius. A stripped-down no frills version of the renowned Amadeus, now with a Versalex style multilayered Birch plywood plinth, improving the sound and the style. 


A birch plywood plinth finished with a walnut veneer top surface. Birch plywood is the perfect material for a turntable plinth. Energy is dissipated by it's multi layering. Comes fitted with the LTD Symmetrix tonearm.

Amadeus GTA mk 2

The Amadeus GTA is constructed with a two pieced damped aluminium and acrylic sandwich base with a substantial weight of 16.5kg. The Amadeus GTA mkII features the LTD tonearm in the new Symmetrex configuration.

Amadeus 254 GT 

The Amadeus 254 GT is Well Tempered Lab's latest turntable and perhaps most advanced. The multi layered plywood plinth is sandwiched in solid aluminium and features a uniquely innovative isolation system between the ply. It comes with it's own power supply, the CTRL box, which alters speed at the flick of a switch, and has an additional 12v or 24v output for your phono amp. 

Royale 400

The plinth is made of multi-layer plywood sandwiched in layers of anodised aluminium with proprietary rubber damping. Weighing in at almost 50kg, this is truly in the heavy weight category of turntable.

The Royale also comes with an optional rack, featuring high quality vibration absorbing shelves and isolation feet capable of maintaining a solid foundation.

RIAA Phono Stage

The RIAA is a solidly built inexpensive Phono Stage for amplifying and equalising moving magnet or high output moving coil cartridges. We tested it with the Dynavector high output cartridges, the 20X2H and the 10X5; the result was pleasing!

Custom made lids for all turntables are available through The Frazer Company, made by Hi Fi enthusiast Steve Ancrum

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