Dynavector is highly regarded as one of the leading manufacturers in high performance moving coil cartridges based on innovative advanced theory and unique production technology.

All of Dynavectors cartridges make use of their patented magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism mechanisms. The current models are the culmination of decades of research, development and refinement. Their musical producing credentials are immaculate as we hope you will discover when you hear them.

10X5 mk II High/Low

Dynavector's entry level cartridge sets a high standard for moving coil cartridges. The finely wound coils give a substantial 2.5mV output and now features a hardened aluminium cantilever with a nude 'Shibata III' line contact stylus, allowing more music to flow from the grooves and making it's tracking ability a doddle.

One of its beauties is that it is designed to be used with a 'moving magnet' phono input. This allows users to gain the benefit of moving coil sound without the extra expense of a specialised phono ampilifier.

20X2 High/Low

The 20X2 comes in either High or Low output. The High output 20X2 is designed to work with Moving Magnet inputs with an impressive output of 2.8mV. The Low output 20X2 is exceptional with dedicated Moving Coil inputs.

The cantilever is a 6mm hard aluminium tube fitted with a Micro-Ridge diamond stylus, with a solid aluminium-alloy body similar to the XX2. Good design, meticulous production and thorough test techniques deliver a great sound. Comes in either high or low outputs to suit any system.

Karat 17DX

The 17DX was designed and built using dispersion theory. It's Micro-Ridge stylus and 1.7 mm solid diamond cantilever result in huge reductions in 'frequency dispersion'.

Dynavector developed a unique coil winding machine to wind the ultra fine wire used. The miniature size of the coil and cantilever assembly leads to a precise and dynamic musical performance. The new DX version features improvements such as the solid machined brass body, Samarium Cobalt magnets and lower coil resistance allowing for articulate yet musical, analogue playback.  

XX2 mk II

Featuring Alinco-5 magnets and a rigid body made of strong alloy. The Alnico magnets exhibit high magnetic flux density, combined with a low coercive, which provides an exceptionally stable output.

Exhibiting deep powerful bass and treble which is clear and accurate, the XX2mk2 is a popular choice for many. Note that we can obtain a MONO version of the XX2 to special order.

Te Kaitora Rua

The Te Kaitora Rua is the result of a collaboration between Dynavector Japan and Dynavector New Zealand, hence the Maori name meaning "Discoverer".

Featuring a 6mm boron cantilever with Pathfinder stylus housed in a titanium body. The coils are very fine PCOCC copper wire. The precise sound carries through an extremely musical performance.


The first of the V8 alnico magneted DRT (Doctor Tominari) series from Dynavector. A pathfinder diamond mounted on a solid boron cantilever moving in a highly precise magnetic circuit makes for a powerful musical performance.

This is the cartridge that led Doctor Tominari to reitre his personal revolutionary 17D3 cartridge


The King of the hill. Ground breaking design utilising 8 magnets in a V formation. Designed around a source of very pure iron that founder Dr Tominari had access to. The armature uses this rare and highly costly material. It is wound with incredibly fine wire to give high agility and precision allied to a very stable output. The hardened bamboo casework is precision machined to house the inner mechanism- it has a significant effect on sound quality. Wonderful.

Find out more about the XV-1t here

P75 mk IV

Phono Stage

After 14 years of service, the DV P75 is now in it's 4th incarnation and better than ever. The chassis is larger and in a new guise, a sign of things to come for DV Amplifiers. The real changes though come in the form of power and sound- near zero noise, custom made precision components enabling extreme RIAA accuracy, and a doubling of power efficiency. Compatible with all cartridge types, the P75 mk 4 is here.

DV 507 mk II

The DV 507 mk II is an extremely accurate tone-arm with suberb trackablilty even on warped records. The bi-axis inertia controlled tonearm allows your cartridge to follow the groove with great detail and precision.

Special features include the non-contact electro magnetic damper, a detachable headshell, high precision stainless steel bearings, and a large and steady arm lift.

For more info, visit Dynavectors 507mkII page

DV 500

The DV 500 Turntable was designed by Well Tempered Lab's William Firebaugh, so expect nothing else but quality. It is the DV 507's companion and comes with a predrilled mounting plate for the tonearm.

The Well Tempered 'Zero clearance' main bearing is used here, along the dual-layered plinth made from an acrylic / aluminium sandwich construct, giving a substantial foundation.

For more info, visit Dynavectors DV 500 page

To visit Dynavector Systems website, please click here

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