Pear Audio was formed in 1991 with the principle objective of marketing hi fi products that communicate the purity of music. Our fundamental tenet is a faith and respect for the craftsmanship and art of musicians and producers. We seek equipment that must always precisely present and never distort the craft of these people. Clarity of musical performance, functional reliability, and serviceability are our main criteria.

We have chosen brands both for their individual merit and their compatibility with each other. Our retailers will be able to draw them together into superb sounding systems. Adding other components such as CD players, DACs, streamers and the like from other sources that they know will complement and work well in context. Equally any of our products will be able to be included succesfully with other makers systems due to their high performance and flexibility.

When we chose these brands how did we judge what worked? We used the same method that we would recommend to anyone buying a Hi Fi system. Simply by using the reference of live music. We can all recognise good individual performance in musicians and can easily tell when a band is playing well with each other. So apply the same criteria when listening for the quality of a Hi Fi. Music styles we are familiar with have a recognisable structure, certain notes sound right following others, ie they form a tune. If the equipment introduces a distortion at a certain frequency this can upset the relationship between the notes making the tune discordant. This won't be as obvious as a plain bum note is but a subtle distortion forces us to listen harder to make sense of the music, the musicians will not sound as at ease and in tune with each other compared to equipment that doesn't distort it as much.

You know very well when you have found a system that is truly high enough quality to satisfy. It is the one that draws you into playing more and more music. Not only that, it enables you to understand and appreciate musical types that you previously didn't get or thought you didn't care for. It expands your musical appreciation.

We distribute through trusted, principled, and passionate retailers whose knowledge and experience of music and hi-fidelity equipment can be relied upon to discover and meet their customers' needs. Your retailer is a valuable resource, they can help guide you through the maze of equipment choices primarily by demonstrating the options to you. They will be able to offer advice on what will work where as well - rooms and buildings are different and it will pay to match the system to the location. Remember, like us, the retailer has listened to many pieces of equipment and systems in many locations and has carefully selected what they sell.

Above all we want you to hear a great sound! Please contact us to receive details of your nearest dealer.

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