Shahinian Acoustics make speakers that attempt to recreate sound as naturally as possible. In nature sounds tend to radiate in all directions from a point. Shahinian have fully taken this on board and set out to mimic it in a deliberate and controlled fashion.

The elements of their design contrive to this end - multiple drivers arranged in a poly-directional way, minimal baffle areas, cabinet material, bass frequency damping treatment, non resistive crossovers, finland birch ply cabinets finished with oak veneers and other detailed refinements.


Size of a triangle, heart of a timpani. Best heard blindfolded first time as in the right context it is quite hard to believe what the magicians at Shahinian have conjured here. Very flexible all round, exceptional vocal performance.

Two way system. Special bass loading. Works well floor standing, or on shelves. Finland birch ply cabinet.

Compass 2

Superb vocal range and now in its '2' guise with a very solid bass performance. Elegant shape with diamond baffle, pointing the way.

2 way system. 2 drivers. Mechanical bass filtering system with 2 acoustic 'lenses'. Astonishingly complete musical performance from a good looking speaker.

Arc 2

A classic design from Shahinian. A compact floorstander that can shake the foundations with it's bass output. Current Arc 2s have finland birch cabinets bringing them in line with the rest of the range.

Three way system. 4 drivers. Extensively internally braced cabinet. Easily moved around on their hard plastic feet.

Obelisk 2

Shahinian's first product under their own steam from 1978. Many changes and upgrades since then but with still the same innate music making qualities it started with and that have made it an enduring classic. Where the Hawk and Diapason flowered from.

Three way system. 8 drivers. No parallel internal surfaces. On castors for ease of movement and best sound!

Hawk 2

More compact 'pocket' version of the Diapason. Wonderful dynamics too, as well as vanishingly small distortion of the musical intention.

Three way system, 10 drivers. Seperate bass and mid/treble cabinets. Finland birch cabinets. Internal diagonal partition in bass cabinet to eliminate standing waves between parallel surfaces.

Diapason 2

From a whisper to a scream, the biggest Shahinian presents music in the correct scale. Instruments have the correct tonal as well as timbral quality. Effortlessly unforced presentation.

Five way system. 18 drivers. Dual bass cabinet. Seperate mid/treble and bass cabinets. Can be driven with multiple amps. No parallel internal surfaces to eliminate standing waves.

Find out more about the Diapason here.

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