Dynavector have made amplifiers since the early 90's. Their principal, Jonathan Davies, has been designing them and other sophisticated electronics a good deal longer.

His reference is live music which is apparent when listening to the natural sound of his amplifiers. They have a pleasing transparency that portrays the music without getting in the way or distorting it. They will drive a wide variety of speakers. Please have a listen.


Power Amplifier

Brawn. Roughly 180 watts per channel in stereo mode and 700 watts in mono mode. Full electronic control and protection. Large and extremely rapid current delivery. Impressive value for it's performance.

L300 mk II


With its stunning sound and appearance to match, the Dynavector L300 II is a line stage pre-amplifier that can be augmented with the high quality P300 phono stage. The L300 features 6 line inputs, one balanced input, two line outputs, one balanced output and one tape output.

L200 mk II


Great sound with looks to match. The mini-me version of the L300. Simplified and very compact. Line level only with 4 RCA style inputs, a balanced input, two RCA outputs and a balanced output as well as a tape output. Use with P75 to add record playing ability. Will work well with most power amps.

P75 mk III

Phono Stage

The Dynavector P75 Phono Stage is a unique device with a number of outstanding features including the patented Phono Enhancer circuit designed by Dr Tominari to dramatically improve the performance of low output phono cartridges. A simple arrangement of jumper settings will cater for most conventional, MM, MI, high and low output cartridges.

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