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We represent Shahinian Acoustics, Well Tempered Lab and Dynavector Systems.

Our world wide supply chain from supplier to retailer share a common set of attributes and values; a deep passion for music and deep empirical and scientific knowledge of their relevant area of expertise.

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Updated: November 2013
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Shahinian Larc

Well Tempered Lab turntables are designed by aerospace engineer and music enthusiast William Firebaugh.
The turntables feature fully damped arms and zero clearance main bearings.
Please visit the Well Tempered Lab website here to learn their unique philosophy and see details of WTL models.


Well Tempered Lab Versalex

Shahinian Speaker Range
Shahinian Acoustics has made speakers since 1978. Founder Dick Shahinian can trace his design and theoretical roots back to the early 50s and the birth of high fidelity. He and his son Vasken are passionate music lovers and together have never stopped learning about musical and acoustic matters, the results of which show clearly in the finished product.

Malcolm Steward and Martin Colloms Compass review here
 The Shahinian Orchestra!

Dynavector Systems in Tokyo was founded in the mid 70s by Dr. N. Tominari, a Physics Professor at Tokyo University. His lifelong interest in music combined with his scientific background has helped produce some ground breaking products over the past few decades. We currently distribute their range of phono cartridges, pick up arm and phono step up. Lots more information here :

Dynavector XV1-s Cartridge

 Dynavector XV-1s cartridge

p75 mark 3 phono stage
Dynavector Systems of Australia are a sister company to DynavectorTokyo who produce some exceptional amplifiers. They also share passion for music with scientific ability.
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 Dynavector P75 Mk 3 Phono Stage

Pear Audio was formed in 1991 with the principle objective of marketing hi fi products that communicate the purity of music to audiences. One of our fundamental tenets is a faith and respect for the craftsmanship and art of musicians and producers. Our equipment must always simply and precisely present and never alter or distort the craft of these people. Clarity of musical performance, functional reliability, and serviceability are our main criteria when choosing products.

The technology we support is based on the empirical expertise of life long devotees to the design, science, and enjoyment of hi-fi. The integrity of the music is kept with an emphasis of creative and pioneering technique in form and function, held in check by an abstinence of frivolity or superfluity.

We distribute through trusted, principled, and above all passionate retailers whose knowledge and experience of music and hi fidelity equipment can be relied upon to discover and meet their customers’ needs. Contact us to receive details of your nearest Shahinian and Dynavector dealer.

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